Why To Use Magento eCommerce For Your Online Store

There are lots of eCommerce solutions available in the market but Magento is turning into a more popular eCommerce solution for a lot of businesses. Magento is an open source eCommerce content management system that is popular to be the ideal online store or shopping cart software that fulfills the objectives of online businesses globally. Magento developers highly recommend Magento eCommerce platform to all their clients who are in online businesses. Also it continues to be significantly preferred for a number of different features and functionality and below are few major reasons to opt for Magento for your eCommerce stores.

Multi-Channel Multi-Store Functionality Magento is developed with the purpose of collaborating multiple online business. Magento is a strong eCommerce platform in which there may be multiple online shops functioning together from the same admin panel. Orders could be placed and controlled from just one website rather than switching between several sites. Additionally, the reports could be conveniently prepared for different customers with their specific information.

Guest Check-Out Option ‘Guest Checkout Option’ is an additional beneficial feature of Magento eCommerce development. It can be a small feature but can help very much to retain the visitors on the web page. In some other eCommerce sites, the visitor needs to sign-up or register before placing an order and occasionally this diverts website visitor from the sales page which leads to significantly less conversion rates as well as high bounce rates. In Magento, To overcome this scenario, Magento allows the site visitor to take control of whether they want register or can optionally check out as a guest to help save time. 

Search Engine Friendly Solution Magento development is quite SEO friendly and this feature considers it quite easy to manage by web-developers. Magento has it’s in-built applications that make it easier to boost online business in search engine ranking. Here are the few built-in SEO tools :

1 . Search Engine Friendly Rewrites or Canonical URLs

2 . Control over Meta Tags for each Web-page, Product and Category

3 . Auto-generated XML Sitemaps for Search Engines

4 . Standard CMS pages Each one of these features can extensively help to strengthen a websites viability online which is a really good reason to go for Magento.

Massive Number of Magento Extensions Magento eCommerce solution is 100% customisable and often PHP developers enjoy this feature. If you are planning to customise the process wherein items are being presented or even looking to make improvements to the loading time of your website, there are lots of magento extensions in the Magento Connect store that can help.

Re-ordering Facility Retaining your old customers is really have enough advantages as it’s less expensive compared to acquiring new customers. It also cuts down the cost of business fulfillment and also increases your profit . Magento development can help online businesses by monitoring and keeping their last order details available on their customer account page. Therefore, in case your customers want to place the same order once more then they can simply place the order again with just a click.