How Magento And StreamMarket Can Help You Expand Your Ecommerce Business Internationally

A recent study estimated that 1.8 billion people will enter the consuming class by 2025, annually spending $30 trillion. With broader internet availability, buyers will have better access to businesses all over the world — businesses just like yours.

Rightly so, many brands are looking for technology to help them lead their digital transformation worldwide.

Addressing such personalisation concerns, and integrating experiences seamlessly all over the globe is an emerging business goal.

Once you have conquered the local market or the home–country, you can surely think of going global.

But initially the idea to go international may seem intimidating.

And undoubtedly, the effort and resources required to implement such a goal are immense.

So roll your sleeves up and start with some digging into the following:

  • Find out the target Global Market
  • Find out the Payment methods of each market
  • Look for the International duties like taxes, banned products, customs
  • Find out the geographies where your products can do well

After you have researched every area, the next task comes to optimise your website.

And Magento+StreamMarket provide you with all the solutions for International Expansion.

Magento’s treasure chest carries the following immense features:

  • It provides multi-site architecture that uses a common codebase for all versions of your site, enabling you to quickly configure and launch in foreign markets
  • It helps you to launch faster, allowing you to quickly adapt to varying market shifts
  • It supports 150+ language packs along with regional integrations
  • It provides Integrations with Shipping & Payment gateways
  • Helps you to Create loacalised brand experience across multiple sites so that you can efficiently manage day to day tasks across multiple geographies
  • Inventory synchronisation between Magento and other local channels can be maintained so that any changes to inventory whether in Magento or other channel is updated in all accounts automatically
  • Fast Order Processing that allows bulk order processing and dispatch hundreds of orders with a single click of button
  • Reporting feature to monitor the sales flow, and track your customers across different locations. Since all orders are created at same place i.e. Magento, so all possible reports are available. Reports like which channels are selling more, which products in the corresponding channel are doing well, etc. are all possible

I hope you have gained an understanding of how Magento can help you achieve your dream to grow both nationally and internationally.

At StreamMarket we know Magento inside out and we can make your global journey a success!! Get in touch with us.