Our Process

Client & Magento Consultation

Before we begin creating a website, it is essential that we meet with you to discuss your needs and requirements. An ecommerce website is one of the most important and influential marketing tools for a business, so it is essential that the design for your eCommerce website reflects everything your brand stands for.

During your client consultation you can discuss the ambitions and vision you have for your eCommerce websites and any key requirements you have. It may also be a good idea to provide us with the eCommerce stores and websites that you like the look of, as this will help us to get a better idea of your style and taste preferences.


The first step we will take when creating an eCommerce design is to create wireframes. These wireframes are basically line drawings that demonstrate where particular elements will be placed within a design of your e-commerce website. Wireframes are quick and easy to produce and allow a better overview of the functionality and structure of an ecommerce store or website, prior to its design.

Once your wireframes have been created, we will walk through them with you, to give a clearer picture of the overall look of your eCommerce store. You will be able to get an idea of its functionality.

Design drafts

At this stage you will be provided with the design draft of your eCommerce website or online store. This will allow you to get a clear overview of how your new website will “look and feel”. You will be able to see how your homepage will look and how it will function as a sales channel.

We consider two main accepts that are essential for your ecommerce website design

Create trust and make sales

No trust, no sale. It’s as simple as that and its for this reason our e-commerce websites have certain key elements integrated into the ecommerce design which successfully provide reassurance and encourage customers to purchase with confidence.
Clear, sensible navigation overrides flashy eCommerce design features and is the heart of successful e-commerce sites
Communication at every step of the purchase process so at no point the customer is left anxious
Security throughout the site so that engagement with your product leaves customers feeling absolutely safe to buy from us

Consistent shop-front experience

We all want to feel like that we’re shopping in the store, but without taking the stairs!
E-commerce websites can and should be an exciting interactive experience which appeals to the senses, even though the product in front of us is, at least at this stage, virtual.
User-oriented design incorporating known experience from user-flow charts and thorough testing on any interface
Multiple payment options inviting customers from a range of environments to buy your products
Intuitive user journey which supports and directs at every stage of the purchase

At this point changes can still be made to your design. It will be up to you to provide feedback on the design and suggest any re-works you require. The web designer will then proceed to make the necessary changes, ensuring your design meets your full needs and requirements. Our designer will then present you with another design draft to review.

Once you signed of the design. We will provide you with a timescale of how long it is going to take them to complete the final design and implement it on your website. This will enable you to plan any marketing around the re-launch of your online business website.

Magento TM Integration

We will had this over to our tech team to integrate the eCommerce design into Magento platform. Magento is world’s most trusted and feature rich ecommerce platform available on the market today.

At StreamMarket we take security and credibility very seriously, as these are key factors to increase online sales. So we take extra measures to enhance this.

Absolute security

Magento provides multi-layered security to prevent cybercrime. One fraudulent online experience can be enough to really damage an online brand, especially as the customer is bound to tell others either on your site or elsewhere.
SSL certificates and PCI compliance for legal and boundaried e-commerce
Data protection whether you choose to keep customer details or not, you’ll need to prove that you can manage data safely
DDoS protection with cloud-based services so that whatever happens, nothing is entirely lost and everything is protected

Have complete credibility

Whether you’re building an online brand from scratch or aiming to take your online store products viral, an ultra professional e-commerce operation is a must. There’s well-known risk in online business but you can manage potential challenges and predict demand in three key ways:
Clear, concise, optimised content including punchy product descriptions with key search terms for effective Google SEO
Customer reviews are now an essential part of any online shopping experience and will often be the decision-maker of product purchases
Constant contact with purchase follow-through and on-going client e- marketing

StreamMarket Multichannel Integration

StreamMarket provides multichannel e-commerce platform for online sellers to accelerate growth and profits. We have built this magento based eCommerce module from ground level and it is trusteed by top online sellers.

It is fully integrated with ebay, amazon & play.com On average our clients have experienced 25% growth in sales and 30% savings on admin cost within first year.
We will integrate this unique tool on your request.

Final ecommerce site

Before your new web design for your eCommerce store goes live, you will be able to review it to check that you are one hundred percent happy with it.

Enjoy returning customers

With each potential e-commerce interaction, you’ll want to entice customers back through a practical, reliable and exciting purchase journey. At StreamMarket we have all the bases covered and will not let any e-commerce project, large or small, go on air until security is tight and the user experience is set for sales. If you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss your e-commerce requirements or consider an update to an existing online site, get in touch with us here.

Let’s have a conversation. Talk to our team.

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