StreamMarket came in at a time we needed them most. Helping us to create a user-friendly website, which has significantly aided the growth of the business. They have a keen eye for detail, and it shows through their results.

Thank you for giving us everything we wanted in a fully functioning website

Elke Kramer – Marketing Director at Slumbersac


Established in 1998, World of Envelopes are the industry’s leading stockist of postal packaging products. With the most extensive stock range of postal packaging in the world, they have an enormously varied portfolio of products to suit all postage needs.

Envelopes have been StreamMarket’s client since June 2018.

The Challenge

World of Envelopes were using separate systems to run their warehouses and online business, which weren’t communicating effectively. Resulting in regular manual intervention to maintain system functionality.

They needed a bespoke, easy to use system that would integrate with their internal processes efficiently. They were also looking into growing their online business to include the retail market as they predominantly had trade customers.

Key Challenges

  • Creating a user-friendly website
  • Segregated inhouse systems preventing expansion
  • Managing stock and orders from one central place
  • Accommodating increases in traffic and sales
  • Improve SEO Ranking
  • Being able to focus on business growth in new countries
  • Automatic printing and quicker packing functionality
  • Create a mobile and user-friendly website

The Solution

We provided them with a complete rebranding of their online business that welcomed new and existing customers of both trade and the general public. In terms of their internal operations, they originally had bespoke systems built over nine years. We studied these systems to gain an accurate understanding of the project. Proposing a complete redesign to improve the efficiency of all business processes.

Having lost their technical lead in the company, we endeared to always go the extra mile with them. Not patronising them with techno-gibberish but communicating effectively and directly, so they understood the direction their online business was heading.

The Results

  • Mobile and user-friendly website
  • Improving efficiency of the staff
  • Increase sales & Better conversion rate from site traffic
  • ROI in 4 months
  • Increase in turnover as a group, 18m now 20m (within a year)
  • Integration of multiple warehouses.

This enabled World of Envelopes to efficiently and quickly manage all of their orders from one, central location. They have, since working with StreamMarket, launched a new trade website, predicting an increase of 10% sales from previous trade website from the first quarter.

The Future

Working with StreamMarket has enabled World of Envelopes to embrace the future of integration, and easily manage more than one website from a central location. Reaching customers worldwide has always been an essential part of their business. Now with their fully integrated eCommerce website, they can continue to watch their business flourish online.

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