What We Deliver

Every feature you need in one online application.

StreamMarket provides Advance Multichannel Ecommerce solutions on Magento platform, developed by us from the ground up. It’s a complete eCommerce website package for managing every step of the multichannel sales cycle. Product uploads, inventory management, price updates, order fulfilment, customer emails, shipping, currency conversion and much more.

All in one simple place.

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    MagentoTM Website

    Magento is the world’s fastest growing eCommerce platform. It’s the most feature rich multichannel ecommerce platform available on the market today.

    It has managed to grow rapidly to dominate the eCommerce sphere with over 33% of worlds top 500 ecommerce stores running on Magento. It proved to offer so much potential that eBay purchased the company in 2011. Since then, it has continued to grow in both usage and features.

  • Multichannel Marketplaces

    StreamMarket is one of the leading marketplace management platforms for eBay, Amazon, Play.com and Magento sellers. You can reach a vast number of potential customers on multiple sites utilising StreamMarket’s multichanel eCommerce module. It will import your inventory once and we’ll synchronise it across your chosen channels when a sale is made. This enables you to manage your entire inventory from a single online system.
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    Order Processing

    Order processing is perhaps one of the most labour intensive aspects of running an online business. So, we designed the Magento eCommerce order processing module in StreamMarket to be as intuitive as possible; giving you all the features and functionalities you need to turbo-charge your order processing.
  • Inventory Management

    StreamMarket eCommerce solution allows you to list, synchronise and automate your inventory across eBay, Amazon, PlayTrade and Magento from one central hub. Allowing you to save time, maximise sales, minimize overselling and increase profits.
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    Courier integration

    The StreamMarket eCommerce solution comes with inbuilt courier integration so you will never have to retype any information again on other systems. Currently, we have integration with Royal Mail, UPS & TNT with many more in our road map. Adding a new courier provider as per your needs will only take few days.
  • Reporting

    The Magento eCommerce Reporting Module in StreamMarket allows you to dig deep into your data to generate detailed reports on your Multichannel online business. Reports are easy use, they will show you where you are making money and where you’re not by sku, product name, channel and customer. If you require a custom eCommerce report, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to create one for you..
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    If you have existing systems in place and want to use existing data, you don’t have to worry. We will migrate all your data into our Magento eCommerce system at no extra cost.
  • Support

    StreamMarket Support offers customer attentive help and assistance when using our Advance Multichannel Ecommerce platform. Boasting short resolution times and even shorter response times.

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