Free Gift Product Is Now Compatible With Security Patch SUPEE-6788

The latest Magento security patch SUPEE-6788 released to address Admin-URL vulnerability and some other security issues that include remote code execution as well as information leak vulnerability.

SUPEE-6788, the new security patch will add a security layer to magento stores and the Magento eCommerce store owners will get benefited by the more safe and secure online store than ever before.

The release of security patch SUPEE-6788 affects a number of magento extensions including StreamMarket Free Gift Product extension. So, it becomes important to check and update those extensions to make compatible with the latest magento security patch.

The good news is that we have updated free gift product extension to make it compatible with latest Magento Security Patch SUPEE-6788.

So, the online store owners looking to improve their sales and conversion can sure install and utilise StreamMarket Free gift extension for their magento eCommerce store as they do not need to worry anymore about the security issues as the updated version for Free Gift Product extension is fully compatible with Magento security patch SUPEE-6788 to provide an added layer of security.

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We encourage users install free gift product extension to their magento store and convert visitors into customers as being compatible with magento security patch SUPEE-6788, the updated free gift extension is more secure than ever before.

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