Streamlining your systems is vital for growth and profitability

Mission Statement

As a growing online business, we understand a beautiful website isn’t enough to propel you toward your brand’s goals. That’s why we also offer complete end to end systems — integrating orders, inventory, warehouse management, reporting and many more, together in one place.

Accessible anywhere, anytime – from a simple stand-alone eCommerce store through a fully integrated ERP system.

How it works

End to End Systems

Multiple Websites

We can provide your eCommerce store with the capabilities of reaching new and emerging markets with multistore functionality, courtesy of Magento.

In various languages, domains and countries, running seamlessly at the same time.


By 2021, mCommerce will account for 72.9% of the eCommerce market. So, what’re you waiting for?

At StreamMarket, we put the mobile experience first, so you don’t miss out on any customer, whether on the iPad or their cellular phone in a coffee shop.


With the magic of EPOS software, you can bid farewell to manual intervention. This handy tool will enable you to run all daily operation from one omnichannel retail store, under your complete control.


Customers not only want a speedy website and welcoming UX. They want choice. With StreamMarket you can maintain and expand your payment methods to your customers.

You can find the full list of our payment gateways here.


You can reach a vast number of potential customers on multiple sites utilising StreamMarket’s multichannel eCommerce module. It will import your inventory once, and we’ll synchronise it across your chosen channels when a sale is made. This enables you to manage your entire inventory from a single online system.


Multi-warehouse integration is possible where the stock level in each warehouse can be tracked and maintained. Product inventory is kept for each warehouse. The product grid will show the inventory available in each warehouse for your products.


StreamMarket eCommerce solution allows you to list, synchronise and automate your inventory across eBay, Amazon, PlayTrade and Magento from one central hub. Allowing you to save time, maximise sales, minimise overselling and increase profits.


With accounts integration, you can effortlessly generate documents ready to be imported on accounting software for all your departments and requirements.


For the more traditional buyers, we can facilitate the systems to record and effectively manage your orders, enabling you to track the order and communicate with your customers seamlessly.


Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear a headset. With Magento you can easily convert a sale from your best telemarketer into web order, making it easily manageable. No need for sticky notes and cork boards necessary.


The return process is daunting enough without taking into account the potential technical inefficiencies. This is why we want to make the process as seamless as possible, allowing customers to tweak their orders or provide more detail on why those Capri shorts just weren’t right.


When a customer makes contact, it’s important that contact doesn’t go unseen and sent to an incorrect apartment. Having aCRM centralises all of these interactions. Not only that, a CRM is essential for not only the growth of your business, but predicting your customers habitual buying patterns through data analysis.


The supplier management allows saving supplier data so that the purchase orders can be created. Supplier data consists of name, address, email address (to send orders and request quotes) delivery delay, currency, tax rate, minimum order value and shipping rate.


Order processing is perhaps one of the most laborious aspects of running an online business. So, we designed the Magento eCommerce order processing module in StreamMarket to be as intuitive as possible; giving you all the features and functionalities you need to turbo-charge your order processing.


The StreamMarket eCommerce solution comes with inbuilt courier integration so you will never have to retype any information again on other systems. Currently, we have integration with Royal Mail, UPS & TNT with many more in our road map. Adding a new courier provider as per your needs will only take a few days.


The Magento eCommerce Reporting Module in StreamMarket allows you to dig deep into your data to generate detailed reports on your Multichannel online business. They will show you where you are making money and where you’re not by SKU, product name, channel and customer.