5 Effective Tips for Cart Optimisation

Cart optimisation is one of the most critical elements in converting virtual window shoppings into loyal customers. In fact, according to SalesCycle’s data, the latest (2019) cart abandon rate is 79.17% across all sectors. 

So what exactly is cart abandonment? Well, it’s a term that describes when a shopper adds products to their virtual cart, perhaps even beginning the check out process but exits the site before completing said purchase.

Most importantly, how does one prevent such a heinous action?! Well, in this article, we’ll tackle the top five correctable issues plaguing cart abandonment.

1.   Offer Free Shipping, and Shipping options

The number one reason for cart abandonment are the additional costs attached to their potential purchase and shipping is at the top of that list. Promoting this on your site not only in the checkout page but also home and product pages are imperative in assuring your customers that there are no surprise shipping costs attached to their cart. With the rising trend of instant shopping, it’s also recommended offering options for faster delivery too. For example, you could offer free standard deliver but provide your customer with the option of same-day delivery too. But, most importantly, make ALL additional costs crystal clear before customers fill up their cart.

2.   Skip the Mandatory Sign-up, Check out your guests

Why do people prefer online shopping over physical stores? The answer is simple. The undeniable advantage over shopping at brick and mortar stores is convenience. By offering your customers a complicated and time-consuming checkout process, you are inadvertently disabling the convenience factor. A usability study found that 30% of users abandoned their carts when asked to sign-up before checkout. You can avoid this only by offering your customers the option to check out as a guest, log in with Gmail, Twitter or Facebook. Our Magento certified developers in UK can help you achieve this. You can always ask them to sign up after they’ve made their purchase!

3. Provide an Effortless Checkout

The customer journey must be as seamless as possible, especially when they’re checking out. We recommend eliminating any potential distractions that could lead your customer to ditch their cart. Consider cutting the navigation bar from that page, creating a straightforward checkout page that tells your customer only the information they require with minimal hassle. You can include cart contents, Total cost and the progress bar and optimise for both mobile and desktop with the help of our Magento certified developers in UK.

4.   Payment options

Not only will providing your buyers with more payment options lead to more conversions, but this will also comfort visitors to know they can use their preferred method of payment. It’s estimated that 50% of shoppers will abandon their cart if their preferred method of payment isn’t excepted, so this is a must! Bare in mind that if you run an international eCommerce store that these payment methods vary from country to country, so it’s undoubtedly worth investigating.

5. Instil trust in your customers with Trust Seals

We live in the age of the internet, which means customers are smart when they do their shopping and require assurance that what they’re buying is the real deal. Being trustworthy is instrumental in winning customers’ confidence. This is especially important if they’re never shopped with you and if you want to grow your customer base, then trust, and security seals are the way to do it. This will give your potential customers the peace of mind they need to continue shopping with you time and time again. Take a look at the below graph for the most trusted seals.

If you have any questions about anything discussed in this blog or if you’d like to chat about a project, feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to help businesses reach and surpass their eCommerce potential.