Top 5 tips for Mcommerce optimisation

We live in a world where mobile users are at an all-time high. People on average are online for 24 hours a week, twice as long as 10 years ago. This shows to be a promising future for the world of mCommerce, wherein 2017 mobile transactions made a whopping 58.9% of all digital sales, 40% up from the previous year.

By 2021, mCommerce will account for 72.9% of the eCommerce market. So, what’re you waiting for? Below are our top 5 tips for mCommerce optimization, how to attract and retain those valuable on the go consumers.


It takes approximately three seconds for someone to decipher whether or not your website is loading fast enough before they exit the page and onto another one. To put it bluntly, shoppers are impatient. To ensure speed, keep it simple and to the point on your landing page and avoid lengthy titles and high res images. You can outsource our PWA agency in Portsmouth to ensure that your speed does not get compromised. Speed doesn’t only count for your load times but for how fast the consumer can get from googling their desired item, to getting purchase confirmation.


This goes hand in hand with speed. Speed and convenience are the most important aspects of a successful mCommerce experience. Imagine a mum on the go, her hands and arms (possibly legs too) are full of baby, pram and various other infant paraphernalia. How convenient would it be if she could simply search for Juniors favourite toy within her trusted site? This is where utilising voice-recognition to speed up search and other interactions is a must to give the consumer comfort in knowing they can multitask while they come right back to order from you again.

Clear, bitesize information

The on the go consumer doesn’t want to waste their valuable time reading long descriptions and having to waste more time looking into a product. They’re on a time crunch! As opposed to “where would I find a summer dress in London?” the consumer might search “Summer dresses near me”. Optimise your mobile site for short and localised key phrases that are highly relevant to your business. This can be possible if you take assistance from our Magento eCommerce agency in Portsmouth. We specialise in web design and can create mobile-friendly Magento websites for you.

Easy Checkout

35% of shopping carts are abandoned because of the irritating requirement to register before checking out. Offer them a guest checkout option. It’s also beneficial to avoid surprising your potential customers with shipping costs. Be upfront about it from your product page. And if they get distracted by the real world and exit your site (which is highly probable) provide a “save” feature for the shopping cart. A cart with a good memory enables customers to continue shopping without the annoyance of re-searching for their desired product on their return.


Trust and transparency between the consumer and retailer are imperative to ensure they come back, time and time again. You can do this easily by displaying badges, reviews, and testimonials. Security is one of the biggest concerns for the user on the go. Providing the user with reviews and trust badges is a great tool to add value to the positive perception they have towards your brand. (Feefo, Trust Pilot, Norton secured, McAfee secured).

If you have any questions about anything discussed in this blog or if you’d like to chat about a project, feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to help businesses reach and surpass their eCommerce potential.