How PWA can Skyrocket your Sales

As mobile influence over digital commerce continues to grow, so have expectations of on-the-go consumers who demand lighting fast, app-like browsing experiences.

While existing technologies have long supported mobile interactions, Progressive Web Apps are poised to evolve how consumers utilise their mobile devices radically. Promising a compelling, app-like user experience, this emergent technology is set to blow away the experiential demands of today’s’ tech-savvy shopper.

Once the current global emergency ceases to be the forefront of our woes, (which we hope will happen sooner rather than later!), there will ultimately be a peak in eCommerce sales. By prepping for this surge with a PWA agency in Portsmouth, your chances of standing out amongst your competitors drastically improve.

What is PWA?

PWA’s (Progressive Web Applications) are a web application mirroring an application on your phone but with the convenience of users accessing this via their desired web browser, as appose to clogging up space on their mobile device. 

This method of buying, interacting, and surfing is used by millions of people every day—a trusted tool where brands can combine mobile reach with native app engagement. If you use Twitter, Starbucks or perhaps Tinder, you’re already familiar.

Progressive Web Apps are websites that use innovative technology to function like a native app, e.g. they can be installed; they work offline. This symbiotic approach boasts enormous benefits for businesses and their customers so it may be worth investigating for yours too. Our Magento eCommerce agency can help you make the most out of this technology and offer an effective user experience to your customers.

Smartphones are progressively becoming the star power that connects people and brands around the globe. PWA utilises this innovation in eCommerce, equipping users with effortless experiences in a mobile-first manner.

Proven results

Progressive web apps see an average of 52% increase in conversions displaying excellent potential for businesses large and small to take advantage of this too. Here are just a few of the companies PWA’s have helped;

Rooted Objects

Fashion brand Rooted Objects experienced an uptick in conversions of 162% after launching their PWA. Page load times reduced by 25% and average redirection time reduced by 80%.


Tinder has dramatically improved load times from 11.91 seconds to 4.69 seconds with its new PWA. The PWA is 90% smaller than Tinder’s primary Android app. User engagement is up across the board on the PWA.


Leading UK crafts maker Hobbycraft’s testing of progressive web apps (PWAs) has seen mobile transactions on mobile grow by 26% and mobile revenues up by 30%.

“Our customers are project-based and motivated to get the supplies they need as fast as possible to get started on their next projects,” says Daniel Collier, Multi-Channel Development Manager at Hobbycraft. “We raised a challenge to find the best possible way to engage with our busy shoppers on-the-go, as well as deliver a best-in-retail purchasing journey.” says Daniel Collier, Multi-Channel Development Manager at Hobbycraft.

“The results were dramatic, with a 30% increase in revenue per user, and a 26% increase in transactions per user,” explains Collier. 

“We now have a very fast site that’s easier to navigate, as well as app-like features like add-to-home screen and instant page transitions – in short, the best possible mobile customer experience available today,” says Collier.

In conclusion..

Converting your website to PWA can prove to be the right decision now and after the pandemic, if you haven’t done yet as it opens up comprehensive options for you to attract and keep users engaged. Therefore, it is advisable to approach the best Magento progressive web app builder while you have time to get started with Magento PWA development and stay prepared for the future.

If you have any questions about anything discussed in this blog or if you’d like to chat about a project, feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to help businesses reach and surpass their eCommerce potential.