Why ScandiPWA is the only choice for StreamMarket

ScandiPWA is a ready-to-use PWA Magento 2 theme that offers the fastest way to create a headless storefront on top of the Magento platform. Our PWA agency in UK relies on it due to its key benefits. These include small page load time, better conversion, and higher priority in organic search.


  • Instant Loading

ScandiPWA reduces loading time dramatically. With this Magento 2 PWA theme, the page load takes milliseconds, including visual content. It also ensures effortless scrolling, provides immediate interaction and introduces much faster checkout. Thus, you can forever forget about a slow user interface, unresponsive scrolling, or futile clicking. Get up to 300% performance improvement!

  • Outstanding Shopping Experience

The Magento 2 Scandi PWA lets you optimise the experience of your store visitors, ensuring higher conversion rates. Engaging customers with an immersive user interface which is not only fast but also exciting and easy to explore. And don’t forget that Scandi is device-agnostic, so your Magento 2 website will look and work the same on every screen.

  • Offline Mode

Scandi lets your Magento 2 website stay accessible not only in the most uncertain network conditions but also offline. Even when the connection is suddenly lost, shopping continues uninterrupted. Your customers can add products to carts and complete checkout forms. Your store is saved on a user device, enabling access to it anywhere and anytime. When the connection is restored, offline orders are synchronised automatically.

  • Push Notifications

ScandiPWA lets you keep store visitors engaged with push notifications. Our Magento 2 development services leverage this technology to decrease your cart abandonment rate and re-engaging shoppers who didn’t complete the checkout or left a full cart without going any further.

  • Home Screen Support

With the Scandi Magento 2 PWA, your customers can add your website to the home screen of any device. This procedure is entirely unobtrusive since customers can do everything within a browser just in a few clicks, getting a full native-app experience. From the coding perspective, the necessity to develop separate apps for different ecosystems is eliminated. Although no browser is necessary to visit a PWA website, it still appears in search results and can be accessed from Google or other systems.

  • Great Accessibility

We’ve already mentioned that a ScandiPWA Magento 2 store is accessible on any device, in any network conditions. Besides, no download is required. Thus, the best possible accessibility is achieved. 

Why is PWA the way forward?

PWA is a Google initiative technology that from next year the company will be downgrading sites that do not adapt to this new technology, therefore reducing the organic search on the Google engine. An online business must be on PWA as soon as possible if they want to improve their competitive edge.

Our relationship with ScandiPWA

We came across Scandi around a year ago where they were developing the Scandi PWA, being a year or so into it at that time. It was early days, but we found it interesting what they were doing and wanted to be a part of this technological innovation. Their focus was to create a PWA theme closest to the core of Magento, which, being a Magento focused Agency, fit perfectly with our needs. Since their launch a few months ago, they’ve created many sites that are incredibly fast. After testing their theme for ourselves, we had no choice but to become partners, and we’re so excited to see where this relationship will lead us.

What’s StreamMarket doing to improve PWA?

We’ve been researching PWA for about a year and a half or so, setting aside a core group to investigate this technology internally. It’s been incredibly insightful. We investigated all aspects ScandiPWA; the feedback has been fantastic; they’ve done astounding things in creating this theme. Based on our findings, we had no other choice to pursue ScandiPWA as the theme for our clients and us. There were a few different themes and products in the market available. However, they don’t follow Magento rules, ultimately creating my manual intervention, spending more time and money to resolve these issues. With Scandi, it’s the closest to Magento’s practices; it’s the only way forward where Magento and PWA are concerned. 

ScandiPWA is continuously improving its platform, similar to Magento; it’s a community. As a partner with Scandi, we’ll be working closely with them, communicating effectively to improve anywhere possible. A lot of 3rd party extensions won’t be compatible with Scandi, to begin with, knowing this they’ve come up with a great solution where they’ve created a marketplace where companies can submit their extensions that are compatible with their theme. This shows great initiative on their part, ultimately reducing the development time to integrate the third-party extensions. On average, our clients use five to seven extensions, so to incorporate each one of them could take days or even weeks. By utilising this community we’ll be able to reduce the development work on our part, as StreamMarket, we’ll undoubtedly be contributing.

In Conclusion..

Our goal is to continuously be improving and taking advantage of technological advancements that can further develop the service we provide for our clients on the Magento platform. PWA is the way forward for all eCommerce businesses, and we find our goals coincide well with ScandiPWA’s. In the upcoming months, we look forward to building a solid relationship with them and launch our first PWA innovation, following that all future projects will be on PWA. We believe honesty and transparency is the way forward in all that we do so we want to deliver that to our clients as soon as we’re able.

If you have any questions about anything discussed in this blog or if you’d like to chat about a project, feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to help businesses reach and surpass their eCommerce potential.